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Let WhatsMarketing take your business promotion to the next level by enabling you to send bulk messages through WhatsApp. Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to promote your business and at the same time want to save a lot of time to focus on other crucial operations? You are at in the right place. […]

Nowadays, businesses comprehend the importance of online marketing and are hence, leveraging several marketing software available. If you are not yet using Whatsapp marketing tools, you are missing out on something great.  This is where WhatsMarketing enters the frame with its WhatsApp​ bulk message marketing tool. WhatsApp ​bulk message marketing software furnishes several benefits to […]

WhatsApp bulk Marketing service is proud to announce the launch of its new platform. The company’s new offering allows people to easily send messages to their customers easily with unlimited character and attached images and video options. For business, it’s now easier to send messages to their email list with the newest WhatsApp Marketing software. […]

Majority of the most significant business strategies today are built to target customers at the right spot. It is all about being present where your prospects are spending most of their time. This is why you see more and more companies focusing more energy on making their business app-centric. This game plan has worked more […]

The social whatsapp messaging app has gained immense popularity across the globe. More than half a billion people are using whatsapp today extensively for social communication. It is not just messaging that is the only use of whatsapp, people also use it on regular basis for sharing photographs and videos. It is so popular that […]

We are living in a tech savvy world where everything is online. Whether we want to talk to friends, or we want to go shopping, or we want to buy grocery, or we want to book a cab; everything is happening online. No matter what your age is, whether you are in your twenties, thirties, […]

There is an interesting shift happening in the way small and medium businesses are promoting their products, connecting with their audiences and making sales. A lot of sellers have now started putting Whatsapp to action for executing their most critical function by sending bulk whatsapp messages and the results have been phenomenal. A few years […]

Since Facebook bought the instant messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ for $19 billion last year, it has been getting a lot of media attention. With around half a billion regular active users, no wonder it is the best platform for the corporate world to promote their business. Installing this software is a great way for businesses to […]

Whatsapp is the most popular communication tool that allows you to send audio/video files, pictures, and text messages quickly across the distinct networks, throughout the world. There is no denying that this app has revolutionized the messaging system on mobile devices. There are a few variants that make it an effective marketing tool. These variants […]

WhatsApp is a world famous mobile messaging app that needs no introduction. This application was launched in 2009 and has gained recognition because of its amazing features like sending free media and bulk texts for free. In 2014, it grabs the attention of many entrepreneurs when Facebook purchased it for $19 billion. Since the interest […]