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In today, fast running world, everyone is in a rush and have no time to look around. The only thing that follows us all day along is the mobile phones. This small device has captured the whole world into it. Whether you are looking for some information, exploring online stores for shopping or whatever, you […]

In a competitive market, it has become vital for any business organization to use innovative marketing tools to promote their businesses and widen its audience. The power of the internet has allowed these businesses to connect with their clients through mobile marketing. Of all the popular messaging application, WhatsApp is leading this messaging battle. It […]

WhatsAPP Marketing is the newest WhatsApp bulk messaging software provider. Launched on December 19, 2014, the bulk WhatsAPp message software great suability and modern design allow you to send WhatsApp messages to your contact lists without the hassle of using your smartphone app. WhatsApp Marketing presents to you WhatsApp bulk messaging software that enables you […]

WhatsApp is a mobile messaging service which lets you send messages from your mobile device without having to pay for SMS messages. WhatsApp marketing is the latest big thing in the mobile marketing and we design a  bulk messaging system to send out multiple messages to all your customers at once. WhatsApp application is available on iPhone, Android […]

Whatsapp, as we all know, is an amazing free messenger service, available to everyone who has a smartphone and the internet. The latest big thing in Marketing is WhatsApp Marketing, it is taking the world by storm. But unlike Email Marketing, WhatsApp messages can only be sent one at a time….or can they? There are […]

WhatsApp, the mobile messaging application, has achieved a milestone with a record of 400 million monthly active users. In a blog post, CEO Jan Koum wrote, “The start up has added 100 million new active users in the past four months”. With an audience of 400 million people, WhatsApp is now one-third the size of […]