Whatsapp for Business


Whatsapp for Business


(Monthly) Send Notifications/Messages with Audio, Image and Video

Transactional alerts, messages campaigns
4.500 monthly mesaages
  • Verify your whatsapp number
  • Your whatsapp as Sender Number
  • Replies for Chat (on your whatapp app)
  • Automate the messages
  • Profile Picture included
  • 4500 messages notifications per months
  • CRM integration (Additional cost)
  • Transactional Alerts & Receipts
  • Campaign messages in real time
  • API http webservice Available.
  • Booking confirmations
  • Shipping delivery notifications
  • Automated Marketing thru Whatsapp messages
  • Reminders messages & News Alerts

Send campaigns Messages with replies: The whatsapp messages on real time or scheduled campaigns included in this monthly plan are WhatsApp bulk messages limited to 150 messages per day, where the user has given his consent to receive your whatsapp messages called whatsapp marketing campaigns. Let’s say that the user has given an optin via the web, Facebook form or had a previous query to your whatsapp.

Your users will received the messages and know who sent the message because he will have your profile picture and keep your whatsapp number as sender ID. Later you can continue a chat from your own smartphone with the whatsapp app or thru our helpdesk whatsapp platform with agents.

More information: https://www.whatsmarketing.es/whatsapp-business-api/