Resellers Bulk Whatsapp

Our platform for bulk whatsapp messages and marketing via WhatsApp offers resellers around the world, the possibility to be reseller and increase earnings of his actual business. If you are able to fit into our resellers policy, we will so proud to talk you on a videocall. We recommend to study the reseller Documentation before purchasing the reseller package.

Buy Reseller Credits (Request prices / rates for resellers and reseller policy) contact a sales representative

Requirements for Resellers

  1. Buy the minimum package of 50,000 messages credits (Special Prices for resellers)

  2. Optional White Label user web panel. Login and user signup in 2 languages. (Additional Cost) Ex White Label:

  3. Monthly Purchase of 20,000 messages credits

  4. Your account could be suspended if you DO NOT meet these requirements.


Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

WhatsApp MarketingFeatures
  • Senders ID are Aleatory numbers (Ex: + 630XXXX or + 73XXX)
  • 300k daily limit
  • Prefiltered Whatsapp Included
  • Profile photo included
  • 24 × 7 support, 353 days a year
  • Credits expire 1 year
  • Purchase with Invoice
  • Sends Bulk Whatsapp
  • Text / Audio / Video / Images / Vcard
  • TEXT + IMAGE = 1 credit
  • TEXT + VIDEO = 2 credits
  • VIDEO only = 2 credits messages
  • TEXT + VCARD + IMAGE = 2 credits
  • Custom Messages = 1 credit. (IMAGE + TEXT)

Whatsapp API for business

API de Whatsapp BusinessDo you want to send messages with your own number as sender ID?
We launched the WhatsApp API for Business
Whatsapp API for Business Initial 
Own Sender NumberWhatsapp number verification
Replies includedthe answers come to your own phone number
MessagesReal time notifications
Real-time shipping150 messages daily
ChatsUnlimited messages on chat
API http webseriveCRM integration (Additional cost)

Payment methods

Bank Transfer, Visa, Mastercad and PayPal Account.

If you want to buy these message credit packages, please register. You can pay with PayPal, make a transfer or pay with a credit card.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT 24x7, 353 days a year -WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Sender & Whatsapp API for business

Delivery speed

Quantity: 300,000 text messages + attached image,

Delivery speed 300k = 6 hours / 360 minutes / 21,600 seconds

API http Webservice + Documentation (Available)