Effectiveness of WhatsApp marketing as Compared to other Marketing Options Available

Whatsapp is the most popular communication tool that allows you to send audio/video files, pictures, and text messages quickly across the distinct networks, throughout the world. There is no denying that this app has revolutionized the messaging system on mobile devices. There are a few variants that make it an effective marketing tool. These variants are Whatsapp bulk marketing tools and WhatsApp marketing tools. These are similar to traditional WhatsApp messaging, enabling users to share video, audio files, images with a number of friends and other at one go.

WhatsApp Marketing VS. Social Media Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing is a better platform than Social Media Marketing that has been the vital tool for many online advertisers for over 10 years now. The reason is the speed at which WhatsApp can send the promotional content. Just like social networking content, WhatsApp marketing software allows you to send bulk Whatsapp messages, video recordings, sound recordings or pictures, or content or a mix of any of these. WhatsApp marketing is a better option because it makes the content less demanding. Similar to social media, the WhatsApp bulk message sender can likewise create groups. These groups play a crucial role in the marketing strategy of the business and have taken place over conventional Social Media Marketing.

WhatsApp Marketing VS. Conventional texting tool

When it comes to conventional marketing with texting, it is complicated to type a long promotional message and then merge it with the phone numbers available. The number of stored or managed contacts are limited and contacting random people need more manual work.


There is no doubt that Whatsapp is a great Buzz Marketing tool available today. You can find an array of companies that offer advanced WhatsApp bulk messaging software, allowing you to reach your existing customers and prospects, using broadcast bulk WhatsApp message in a single go. This software has been designed to reach maximum users and you can use this app without any limitations. It also gives you the power to explore the opportunities available.

If you are looking to send pictures, audio files or your message to a large number of people then this versatile app is for you. The WhatsApp bulk software allows you to transfer bulk files to your clients by using a simple software.

By using WhatsApp bulk messaging software, you can cut your phone bills to a large extent. The text message limit is 160 characters and if it exceeds the limit, then you have to pay for the second message as well. However, this is not an issue with WhatsApp bulk software, as it allows you to send media files and text according to your needs. With WhatsApp Marketing bulk message service, you will get 1000 characters for each message, which you can join with the picture, sound, or video to show to your clients your offers, products, services, and so forth. Additionally, you don’t have to stay wakeful at night, sending bulk messages manually. Not any more short messages that cost high. With WhatsApp Marketing bulk message software, you just pay once to set up your own system and you’re ready to go.

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