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WhatsApp bulk Marketing service is proud to announce the launch of its new platform. The company’s new offering allows people to easily send messages to their customers easily with unlimited character and attached images and video options. For business, it’s now easier to send messages to their email list with the newest WhatsApp Marketing software. This new modern platform has the highest and top servers. You can send any media including text, voice, image, and video. The company is one of the few genuine bulk whatsapp service providers at the international level.

These days, WhatsApp application have penetrated the smartphone users in the European country by 90%. In estimate, there are 600 million active users of WhatsApp users worldwide. This trend has become prevalent for businesses to use bulk whatsapp marketing strategies to reach their potential clients. Instead of the traditional SMS service, which is limited to 160 characters, WhatsAPP bulk messaging software allow users to send more than 1000 characters per message with images, audio, or video. The convenience of sending longer messages with audio and video has made WhatsApp marketing system platform the best alternative to traditional SMS service.


WhatsApp Bulk Software was founded in 2014 to service WhatsApp users. The company is the first WhatsApp bulk software users considering the increase in your leads and conversion rates onto your marketing campaigns, short message, promotions, etc. WhatsApp marketing provides users the ability to create detailed contact lists of potential client’s mobile phone numbers and send messages with pictures, audio, or viral videos to almost unlimited number of people.


User Friendly WhatsApp bulk Marketing software


WhatsAPP Bulk Messaging Software is easy to use. Creating and saving contact lists is straightforward. Simple create a list of your contact groups such as your friends, relatives, and current customers and potential customers mobile numbers. Save the list and send bulk whatsapp messages to them anytime.


WhatsApp Marketing features clean multimedia message. Now, you can enjoy explaining your product or service to your current and potential clients by sending them, with 1000 characters messages with clear pictures, audio, or viral video. This is the solution you need if wish for your clients to understand you more.

With huge servers and best support team available 355 days 24hs by 7 days, you can have confidence that your message will be delivered to every member of your contact list. Besides, each time you send a whatsapp marketing campaign to your contact list – you will receive a report showing a detailed data on the exact number of people who received your text message (SENT, RECEIVED, SENT and FAILED Stadistics)

It doesn’t matter if you do not have mobile phone numbers of potential clients. This newest Bulk WhatsApp service will provide you with a ready and categorized list of contact group, so you can buy databases for mobile worldwide. Sign Up Bulk WhatsApp Marketing for FREE and get 50 messages as DEMO Account.

Whatsapp Bulk

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