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Whatsapp, as we all know, is an amazing free messenger service, available to everyone who has a smartphone and the internet. The latest big thing in Marketing is WhatsApp Marketing, it is taking the world by storm. But unlike Email Marketing, WhatsApp messages can only be sent one at a time….or can they?

There are ways to send bulk messages, the same as with emails, via WhatsApp with a bulk scheduler service. We at WhatsApp Marketing can help you to get your message out to ALL your customers at once, or in groups, to make sure that no one misses out on your products, special offers and giveaways. Email Marketing is old school compared with the instant communication that Send Bulk WhatsApp Marketing can offer. WhatsApp isn’t going away any time soon, it is only going to get bigger so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to market your business.

Great Reasons for using Send Bulk WhatsApp Marketing:

  • Smartphone usage- 91% of mobile users keep their phones with them at all times, marketers should focus on this because they can reach their clients any time in any place around the world.
  • WhatsApp can guarantee delivery of your campaign messages directly to your customers.
  • Your customers can reply to you directly and instantly giving you feedback in real-time to help you to manage and improve your campaign.
  • You can easily and simply attach images and video to your marketing messages to reach your customers for an even greater impact.

This service was designed for marketers and business owners who need to send bulk WhatsApp messages or marketing campaigns to a targeted audience. Mobile marketing campaigns such as WhatsApp Marketing enable businesses to send photos and videos with a single click to thousands of WhatsApp users.

Here are some statistics for WhatsApp users worldwide:

  • 600 million people use WhatsApp
  • 70% of those people use WhatsApp every day
  • 1 million new WhatsApp users register every day
  • 19 billions WhatsApp messages are sent each day
  • Every day 700 million photos are sent via WhatsApp
  • Every day 200 million voice messages are sent via WhatsApp
  • Every day 100 million video messages are sent via WhatsApp

If you haven’t jumped on the WhatsApp bandwagon yet it may be time to give it a go, all you need is a database of customer phone numbers to be able to contact them instantly 24 hours a day. Unlike email marketing where people may or may not open your emails or they might not check their emails every day, most people have their smartphone by their side 24 hours a day so can be contacted immediately.

Contact us here at Send Bulk WhatsApp Marketing to discuss your marketing strategy. We can help you to design your online marketing campaign and send out hundreds or thousands of marketing messages to a specially selected and targeted audience. WhatsApp is the most current marketing medium and those who don’t join in are missing out on a great opportunity.


Gonzalo Gomez Rufino es un emprendedor Argentino, Malagueño, IT Geek, CEO de WhatsMarketing con un hobbie del mundo Drone.

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