Why You Need WhatsApp Marketing? Effective WhatsApp Bulk messages

WhatsAPP Marketing is the newest WhatsApp bulk messaging software provider. Launched on December 19, 2014, the bulk WhatsAPp message software great suability and modern design allow you to send WhatsApp messages to your contact lists without the hassle of using your smartphone app. WhatsApp Marketing presents to you WhatsApp bulk messaging software that enables you to send SMS, contact files, pictures, audio, and video to any phone number of your WhatsApp contacts.

WhatsAPP Marketing services


Now, you can reach your prospects and existing customers using your mobile app and broadcast bulk WhatsApp message in a single click of a button. The platform offers you with international bulk messages thru whatsapp. The company’s software was designed to reach WhatsApp users globally without a limit in the number contacts you can send SMS. The company’s WhatsAPPMarketing messaging software gives you the power to open up yourself to the world of opportunities available. Use WhatsApp Marketing to target potential customers in any area, city, street, town, or geographical locations.


Send images, audio files, and videos with our platform to WhatsApp users using the mobile application. The company’s WhatsAPP bulk messaging software allows users to upload pictures, audio, or viral video of your choice from the easy to use software panel. Once you uploaded the media files, you can send the message across unlimited contacts.  While it’s possible to send media files via WhatsApp, it is a tiresome job. Just imagine sending pictures, videos, and audio files automatically using your WhatsApp application? The WhatsAppMarketing solution can do this, so you can send bulk messages easily.


With the company’s WhatsApp bulk messaging software, you can reduce your bills. With this solution, you no longer need to rely on your paid SMS marketing campaign, which is limited to 160 characters per SMS. Once you reached 160 characters, you need to pay for another text message. Not only this cost you on sending bulk SMS, but also confusing on the part of the receiver of your message as 160 characters is not enough to explain your service.


WhatsApp Marketing international bulk messages services; you have 1000 characters available for every message, which you can attach with picture, audio, or video to explain to your customers your offers, service, products, etc. Also, you don’t need to stay awake at night sending bulk messages manually. Simple set the campaign one time and send your message to your contact list automatically. No more short messages that cost high. With WhatsApp Marketing bulk messaging software, you only pay once to setup your own system and you’re ready to go.

Signup with WhatsApp marketing today for free and get 50 messages as free balance. Once you have your own account, you can have access to the latest and most modern international bulk messages thru whatsapp services available.

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