Our Bulk Whatsapp Services

Do you know all the advantages that WhatsApp offers for companies? No matter the type of business you have and the size of your budget, at WhatsMarketing we offer tools like bulk WhatsApp sender along with other services, adapted to all budgets. Our WhatsApp Bulk Message service allows users to send messages to many contacts at once. Use one of the most widely used Apps worldwide to increase your sales, improve communication with your customers and reach potential customers effectively. Discover the advantages that WhatsApp offers you for your business.

Expand your reach and promote your business with our bulk WhatsApp sender!

Generally, you cannot send bulk messages to several contacts using WhatsApp as there are a few restrictions. And, it can be quite time-consuming to send messages by selecting one or only a few names from your contact list. But there is no need to go through this hassle anymore when WhatsMarketing is here to help you with our WhatsApp Bulk Message software.

Self-manageable and intuitive platform, customization of massive campaigns, notifications, alerts and marketing and promotion messages via WhatsApp. We have the plan you need for you!

We present our services and plans

Send massive campaigns efficiently and effectively through WhatsApp

Send notifications, alerts and messages with your own sender number

Assistance through WhatsApp with agent mediation with real-time monitoring

Offer your customers customer service with Artificial Intelligence Bots

Email Marketing

Self-manageable platform for sending 1 million messages in a month with installation in private VPS Hosting included.

Our plans

At WhatsMarketing we have designed different plans so that you can find the one that best suits your needs. Discover our plans!